Acetylene Plant

We are a leading organization for manufacturing and supplying different capacity acetylene gas plants. Manufactured in technical collaboration with "Cryofusion & Mandressi" of Italia, the acetylene generating systems perform smoothly for years without wear and tear and at minimal upkeep expenses. The machine comes up with different capacities ranging from 15 m3/hour to 200 m3/hour. Acetylene (C2H2), a compound of carbon and hydrogen, is a colorless, has garlic-like odor and is highly flammable gas.

The acetylene generating machines of our company are technologically very advanced and perform as per the systems of international market. We acquire components such as pneumatically controlled valves, advanced sensors and temperature controllers, etc. from the recognized manufacturers in order to let our machines perform exceptionally well. Our after sales services are also very fast and economical. We are available in no time so anyone from anywhere can contact us.

Features :

  • Latest Technology
  • No upkeep expenses
  • Sturdy design
  • No malfunction
  • Excellent performance
Acetylene gas plant

Our shipping services are handled by trained professionals in order to keep the machines intact. The service is not only fast and secure, but also economical. The team of professionals ensures that the equipments are packed in a manner they do not get damaged or misshaped during shipping. We are recognized and appreciated worldwide for fulfilling the faith of our customers. We have earned appreciation and acclamation of our esteemed clients spread out over 40 countries, including UK, Nigeria, UAE, Bahrain, Tanzania, Myanmar, Iraq and the list goes on.

Process description :

Acetylene gas is generated as a result of the chemical reaction between the calcium carbide and water. The by-product calcium hydroxide is discharged automatically from the generator. Acetylene gas burns along with oxygen as a cutting and welding torch and it provides the highest temperature of any known oxygen gas mixture.

The whole operation is perfectly synchronized to offer maximum efficiency and simplicity in operation. Any failure, whether it is of power supply, water, instruments air, is signaled visually and also audibly when an alarm bell rings to alert the operator.

Only flame proof lights and electrical fittings according to IS2148-68 (Group II) or BSS-229 may be used in an acetylene plant building. Acetylene cylinders must be of specification IS: 7312: 1974 or ICC:8.

Scope of Supply :

CARBIDE HOPPER : Fixed as a part of the Acetylene generator and used for carbide charging.

ACETYLENE GENERATOR : Stationary medium pressure Generator

CONDENSER : Used in the process as a part for the complete condensation of the flow mixture.

PRE-COOLER : M. S. Vessel with tube arrangement for cooling Gas

LOW PRESSURE DRIER : Vertical M.S. Vessel fitted with Half Circle perforated M.S. Plates filled with one charge Hydrous Calcium Chloride.

ACETYLENE PURIFIER : Large vessel divided into two section wire mesh frame work. The inside of vessel is coated with Chlorinated Rubber Paint as anti-corrosive measure. Each section is charged with f Purifying Mass to absorb gases like Hydrogen Sulphide, Phosgene, etc.

AMMONIA WASHER : Vertical vessel fitted with Level Gauge and Water Make Up Line. The Acetylene Gas is bubbled in the vessel to scrub water soluble impurities like Ammonia and facilitate compression of Acetylene Gas by making it wet.

ACETYLENE COMPRESSOR : Compressor of rated capacity (Three Stage Type), Normal Reciprocating Piston Type, Oil Lubricated water submerged with Safety Valves, Pressure Gauges, Moisture Separators, Flame Proof Motor with Pulley, V-Belts and Belt Guard, Pneumatically Pressure Controlled). All three stages of the Compressor are provided with a Pressure Gauges to monitor the inter stage pressure.

BATTERY OF HIGH PRESSURE DRIERS : It is filled with Anhydrous Calcium Chloride and with Non-return Valve and Pressure Regulating Valve & it consists of three columns. The First Column is fitted with M.S. chain Packing to avoid any void. The Second and Third Columns are fitted with two capsules each and are fitted with a Drain Valve to drain off moisture collected at the bottom periodically.

ACETYLENE CYLINDER FILLING STATION : Manifold for filling cylinders each complete in all respects fitted with Filling Connections, Flash Back Arrestors, Pressure Gauge and Non-return Valves, Stainless Steel Braided Teflon loose connection with Brass Bull Nose and Brass Nut.

MOTORIZED ACETONE PUMP : Rotary Gear Pump made of Stainless Steel fitted with 0.5 HP flame Proof Motor for filling Acetone into Cylinders.

ACETYLENE GAS LINES : Complete set as per our standard layout for Low and High Pressure with complete fittings. M. S. Seamless Sch. 40 Pipes for High Pressure Line Galvanized Iron ā€˜Cā€™ Class heavy Duty Pipes for Low Pressure.

Acetylene Plant Generator
Full Acetylene Plant
Acetylene Plant with workers
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